Metropolitan Archdiocese

Chapel The Metropolitan Archdiocese has the authority over one and/or more Suffragan sees within an ecclesiastical district that is under a bishop’s jurisdiction. This international Orthodox Catholic (Western Rite) jurisdiction is independent and autocephalous. This website is for the purpose of presenting our organizational structure and various ministries.

Metropolitan Archdiocese of the Americas, Europe, Australia, Africa and In Partibus Infidelium of The Spanish Orthodox Church EACS/Orthodox Catholic Church and Allied Jurisdictions.

The term "in partibus infidelium" is used to indicate the "lands of the infidels" and historically has had such usage for Titular Sees (bishoprics). Bishops doing other work would be appointed to cities under occupation by the infidels. Our usage is to indicate any place where non believers in Christ are in control--even partially--and/or hostile to the message of Christianity.

Organizational Structure

Archbishop David Leon Cooper Under the umbrella of the Metropolitan Archdiocese we have the following entities:

  1. The Spanish Orthodox Church and Ecumenical Apostolic Chaplain Service
  2. Orthodox Catholic Church, NP


The mission of the Metropolitan Archdiocese is to perpetuate the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ as understood by the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. We strive to provide a continuation of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ in mind, body and spirit in a manner understood by the Holy Orthodox Catholic Church.


Our vision is to expand our ministries globally offering an opportunity for others to participate in valid ministry of the apostolic succession without the burden of forced celibacy and excessive disciplinary and canonical burdens.


The ecclesiastic government of the Metropolitan Archdiocese is by Council of Bishops. The Council of Bishops is presided over by the Metropolitan Archbishop. The Council of Bishops presently consists of +++David Leon Cooper, OMM, KTG, OCC, Metropolitan Archbishop, and two other bishops. We consider our church to be autocephalus--self-governing.

Jurisdictional Allegiance

The Metropolitan Archdiocese is ecumenical and honors all of the Eastern Orthodox patriarchs as well as the Bishop of Rome, the Pope.

Featured Members:
Deacon Stanley Brandenburg, KTGA

Deacon Stan Brandenburg

  • Deacon Stanley Brandenburg, KTGA
  • Charitable Missions, SOC EACS
  • Philippines

You can be a priest!
  • We are recruiting married men to train for the holy priesthood worldwide.
  • We have an online seminary program.
  • Students study by email and use articles on the internet.

The Mass is held at the:

Northridge Care Center
7836 Reseda Blvd
Reseda, CA 91335

Sundays at 10:15AM - (Enter and ask for the priest.)

Anointing With Holy Chrism by the Metropolitan

The Anointing with Holy Chrism is purely a spiritual church act. No crown is presented. It is only a church act of apostolic blessing for the grandmasters who support the morality common to the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and other decent churches of the apostolic succession.

Coronation Anointing is solely a religious rite and remains within the ecclesiastic jurisdiction of the Spanish Orthodox Church EACS and the Metropolitan Archdiocese.

Prior to the administration of the anointing with Holy Chrism, the grandmaster pledges to support and promote the morality common to the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. The vow is taken with the hand on the Bible.

Bishops of the Apostolic Succession

The Spiritual and Apostolic Nature of Royal Selection in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church


We are a conservative church and follow the morality common to the Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches. We follow the customs and traditions common to those churches and thus do not have female priests nor do we accept practicing gays in our priesthood. Again, we follow the same moral standards and practices as those ancient apostolic sister churches. We have love for everyone but do not ask us to change our faith and compromise our moral conscience.